High Leigh Conference Centre

Pen and wash on two sides of A5 cartridge paper

I have just returned from a weekend conference at High Leigh Christian Conference Centre in Hoddesdon, UK. It was the annual get together of the Christian Arts Society of which I have been a member for a little less than a year, so this was my first visit. The aim of the society is to explore how faith can be depicted in paintings, sculpture, poetry, music, needlework – in just about any medium in fact. The theme for the weekend was The Holy Spirit in Art. I had lectures, workshops, and times of sharing ideas. It is not a large society, but its members are devoted to their mission, which is to reach out into the secular world with the good news of the gospel of faith in Christ’s finished work. I recommend High Leigh to anyone wanting to go on conference. The standard of the rooms is excellent and so is the food. Here is a quick pen and ink sketch of one corner of the old part of the centre.


Robert Bathurst, Actor

Oil on oil paper, 16×12”

What was it Sir Winston Churchill said – “never, never, never, never give up.” So this morning I painted out the eyes and made what I think is a much better job of them. I hope you agree. Eyes and mouth really do make or break a portrait. Back to landscapes for a while now!


Daphne Selfe, model

Oil on oil paper, 16×12”

I have recently watched Portrait Artist of the Year 2018 on Sky Arts with great enjoyment and much inspiration. Daphne Selfe was one of the sitters and I thought I would try my hand to see how my work compared with that of the competitors. I found it quite a challenge to paint an elderly lady without overworking the wrinkles, but I am reasonably content with the result. Quite a departure from my usual landscapes.


David Tennant


Charcoal on paper, 20×16”. £30 unframed. Carriage free.

I have been watching Portrait Artist of the Year 2018 on Sky Arts. Portrait painting is not something I do very often and consequently I am never satisfied with my efforts. I wonder what you think of this study of the actor David Tennant. It is certainly better than the drawings I have never submitted to my website, so here it is.