Homage to De Kooning


I made my second visit to the Abstract Expressionists exhibition at London’s Royal Academy yesterday. My favourite room was the one devoted to Willem de Kooning. It set me wondering just how easy or hard it would be to paint in his style. Here is my first effort which took me all of thirty minutes but my support is a lot smaller than his. If I have succeeded the question arises of what it is about these artists that makes their works worth millions.

Acrylic on paper, 16×12″.


On Milford Beach

Gentle waves adorn the sparkling shingle
And the sun has its way with the sea
Gentle folk pass by enjoying the warmth
Of early October in the brilliant light
No cares invade the peace of this place
No thoughts destroy the magical stillness
The last visit perhaps unless the weather blesses
And the cold of winter holds back a while
It is enough to sit and wonder at simple pleasure
The joy of tranquility blessing the solitude