Loire Valley Lane


Acrylic on mdf, 12×16″



Today was a dawning day,
stay in winter’s hold.
Ice-cold was the eve of spring,
a thing of wonder that it could bring
the well-spring of a season’s change,
exchange the chill for heat,
beat the blues of rawness,
take on summer’s dress.
Blueness in the heavens created delight;
night fell suddenly,
apogee to stay daybreak’s coming,
bringing frost, but only for the time
it took the sun to climb
above the mist that shrouds,
clouds, threatens setback,
backtrack to our comfort.
Spring comes, retreats this March,
but each day seeks advance,
dance of delight,
motion towards summer,
comer to the trees, fields,
healed by rays of light,
bright upon the eye of wonder.
Sadness of winter has gone
and only promises remain.

First Sitting, 13th March 2017

The garden chairs are out from winter slumber.
Afternoon tea in the warming sun engages happiness
at last from months of hostage
to freezing nights and house-bound days.
The neighbour is cutting his grass, perhaps from fear of reversal,
But I just sit, and read, and write, and enjoy the laziness.
Bees fly madly in this unexpected hint of summer.
Early daffodils add lightness to the dark damp soil.
Tomorrow may be cold; frosts may return; it might snow,
But for today I revel in the heat, and offer thanks.