A Child’s Christmas

Stopping to look in a window
Is the child’s way of dreaming
Of things that might be
At the foot of the bed tomorrow.

The list was sent to who knows where,
And wishes made known to all.
Have they listened, these bringers of bounty?
Will they satisfy on Christmas Day?

Glinting bangles, snuggly scarves, the latest toy?
Or a game to play with mum and dad?
A football, a dressing doll, a box of paints?
The window confronts eyes that desire.

Not only children think this way,
For surprises are a treat for us all,
A way for love to be shown,
And flashes of happiness in winter.

Sleep comes slowly this night.
The savour of the morrow
Takes its toll on all
Who give or receive the gifts.

But then it’s five o’clock!
Time to see what’s there
Inside the teasing paper and ribbon.
Yes! I knew they would.

Heart’s desires content for the moment,
The child is happy and glad
That Christmas is here once more,
And of course there are presents to give.