The Concert

Written on the day following an orchestral concert by the De Havilland Orchestra at the Weston Auditorium, University of Hertfordshire.

Program: Berlioz – Rob Roy Overture
Mozart – Violin Concerto No 5
Tchaikovsky – Manfred Symphony

Such an evening,
Stirring, soothing, romancing.
Emotions on fire
With excitement and wonder,
Awe and amazement.
Sounds linger in my mind’s recall.
Softness and melody challenge
Loudness and clamour.
Youthful brilliance as Mozart charms;
Elation at the passion of Tchaikovsky;
Delight that Berlioz did not give up.
I marvel at such genius
And the talent of the players.
But, no standing ovation: how remiss!
I should have risen
At exaltation of the music’s adventure.
Perhaps next time.


Mahler in the Afternoon

An hour ago, enticed by the sound
of Mahler on a red-hot day,
the man drew in the sand
a goodbye to the sea
and walked the path
to where the music came loud
in the still of the lazy afternoon.
A thought came, on the air of the chorus,
that he must always be
where voices bless his being.