This was written as an exercise to see if I could use metaphors to describe poetically the emotion of anticipation.

Anticipation is a coiled spring,
taut elastic to the touch.
It is sunshine, energy for the soul,
heat to the mind.

Anticipation waits to jump,
an athlete at the blocks,
a racehorse ready to charge,
straining and stretching the imagination.

Anticipation does not like waiting.
It is an eager child,
ready for realisation,
full of daydreams.

Anticipation is a game of chance
with unloaded dice
in the casino that is life.
Anticipation gambles on the future.



The following poem is written in the form of a GHAZAL, which consists of five to fifteen couplets, usually on the subject of love, loss, praise etc. Traditionally, the first two lines rhyme, and the final word of each couplet are a repeat of the last word of the first couplet. Each line is in the same metre, and no enjambement should exist between the couplets.

A cottage full of oaken beams.
Look and behold, here come the dreams.

We gaze and think, how much is this,
A house of stone, subject of dreams?

For city folk, escape’s the aim,
A cherished hope; fulfil our dreams.

But is it truth, this wish to run
Away from smoke, satisfy dreams.

We are in love , the plan is set,
We make our move, realise dreams.