Daphne Selfe, model

Oil on oil paper, 16×12”

I have recently watched Portrait Artist of the Year 2018 on Sky Arts with great enjoyment and much inspiration. Daphne Selfe was one of the sitters and I thought I would try my hand to see how my work compared with that of the competitors. I found it quite a challenge to paint an elderly lady without overworking the wrinkles, but I am reasonably content with the result. Quite a departure from my usual landscapes.


Anita Rani

Anita Rani is a well-known tv presenter in the UK. Without any doubt she is beautiful, which presented a challenge when I painted her. Her skin is so smooth and unblemished that it is difficult to get the planes and contours of her face right without making her look too old. I thought you might like to see the photos I took as the work progressed.

Oil on canvas, 16×12”





David Tennant


Charcoal on paper, 20×16”. £30 unframed. Carriage free.

I have been watching Portrait Artist of the Year 2018 on Sky Arts. Portrait painting is not something I do very often and consequently I am never satisfied with my efforts. I wonder what you think of this study of the actor David Tennant. It is certainly better than the drawings I have never submitted to my website, so here it is.